Big candy bags

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Welcome to the world of Fazer's delicious large candy bags! Fazer's 400-500g candy bags offer joy and sweet moments for even larger groups

These delightful candy bags combine quality, versatility, and unique flavours. The Tutti Frutti and Remix candy bag assortment caters to all sweet cravings. Whether you're in the mood for fruity candies, sour treats, or liquorice, we have something to suit every taste preference. In Fazer's Tyrkisk Peber and Skolekridt candy bags, you'll find delicious liquorice sweets that offer a rich and fiery taste sensation.

Fazer's large 500g candy bags won't disappoint when you're craving sweet joy and want to share delightful moments with a larger group. Their diverse contents satisfy all kinds of sweet cravings, whether you're a fan of fruity candies, sour treats, or licorice. These candy bags are perfect for sharing with friends, and family, or even at parties.

Come and enjoy Fazer's delicious 500-gram candy bags that bring joy to every sweet tooth. Choose your favorite and let the flavor adventure begin!

Tyrkisk Peber 300g

Tyrkisk Peber is a salty liquorice classic with a peppery kick, and it’s has been a big hit ever ...

€4.40 €14.67/kg