Super Salmiakki Salmiak 80g

This classic hardly needs an introduction. It is a controversial delicacy that you will either love or hate. Fazer's salty liquorice drops in a bag are as Finnish as sauna and Sibelius.

€1.50 €18.75/kg

Pantteri wine gum with liquorice 180g

Pantteri (Panther) is a salty-sweet liquorice that will bring out your feline side. The roar of this panther-inspired classic sweet is even louder in the Pantteri Mix bag, a nimble combination of s...

€2.05 €11.39/kg

Fazer Lakritsi Soft Original 150g

Fazer Lakritsi is a new and unbelievably soft Finnish liquorice. Its delicious taste comes from Fazer's traditional recipe from 1928. The classic Soft Original will captivate the lovers of genuine ...

€2.10 €14.00/kg

Fazer Salmiakki Mix 180g

Salmiakki Mix is the best form and flavour of authentic Finnish salty liquorice. This bag contains Fazer’s enticing salty liquorice classics: Strong Ruutusalmiakki, Soft Ruutusalmiakki and Super Sa...

€2.10 €11.67/kg

Fazer Lakritsi Original 20g

The soft Fazer liquorice stick, whose delicious taste comes from Fazer's traditional recipe from 1928. A classic taste for the friends of liquorice.

€9.30 / 30 pcs €15.50/kg

Fazer Lakritsi Choco Tyrkisk Peber 135g

A perfect combination of powdered Tyrkisk Peber candy, dreamily rich Fazer milk chocolate and soft salty liquorice. Packed in a handy resealable bag.

€2.90 €21.48/kg

Tyrkisk Peber Soft & Salty liquorice 120g

This product is included in the Fazer Black box. Tyrkisk Peber är en klassiker med kraftig pepparsmak som har fått alla saltlakritsälskare att bli eld och lågor i över 40 år. Tyrkisk Peber Soft &am...

Fazer Salty Liquorice Chocolate 100g

Sold only in Fazer Black box. Fazer Salmiakkisuklaa chocolate is an exciting combination of mouth-watering milk chocolate and salty liquorice. Inside this bar of unique Karl Fazer milk chocolate be...

Tyrkisk Peber lollipop 9g

The familiar fiery salty liquorice delight in lollipop form – filled with just the right amount of salty liquorice powder.

€28.10 / 150 pcs €20.81/kg

Fazer Salmiakki Crunchy Salty 70g

Fazer Salmiakki – a classic that needs no introduction! The original, authentic Finnish salty liquorice is part of our cultural heritage. Fazer Salmiakki Crunchy Salty pastilles offers a unique co...

€31.00 / 16 pcs €27.68/kg

Karl Fazer Crunchy Black Edition 55g

Finland’s best-loved chocolate ever since its launch in 1922. Its unique and mellow taste is guaranteed by using only the very best ingredients. Karl Fazer Crunchy Black Edition is a delicious comb...

€30.50 / 20 pcs €27.73/kg

Fazer Salmiakki stick 20g

Delicious salmiac tasting candy stick that is perfect for a small snack or treat. Made with natural colors and gelatin-free.

€9.30 / 30 pcs €15.50/kg