Mignon 52 g

Sold only in Fazer Easter Box! The Mignon egg – Fazer’s unique classic created in 1896 – is the jewel in the Easter crown. This exquisite treat is composed of a mouthwatering almond-hazelnut nougat...

Green jellies fruit candy 180 g

A beloved Green Jellies as a soft fruit candy! This lovely pear flavoured candy tastes just like the traditional marmalade delicacy and is also completely vegan.

€1.99 €11.06/kg

Fazer Easter Dragee 180 g

Traditional, big fruit and chocolate dragees are the best candy mix for Easter. Fresh strawberry, pear and orange flavoured Easter dragees are made with natural colours and flavours.

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Finlandia 260 g

Finlandia is a delightful Finnish marmalade candy with a hundred years of history. There are five fresh flavours in a box of Finlandia: apricot, blackcurrant, lemon, strawberry and pear. Finlandia ...

€3.69 €14.19/kg

Tutti Frutti Choco Beans 120 g

Tutti Frutti Choco & Beans is Easter’s most fun mix of fruity and mouthwateringly chocolatey sweets. Tutti Frutti are naturally coloured and gelatine-free. They get their fresh taste from natur...

€1.39 €11.58/kg

Moomin Creamy Fudge 160 g

Moomin Creamy fudge is a classic soft and creamy caramel sweet, known in Finland since 1966 by the name of Omar: now available in special Moomin design bag. The fudge comes single wrapped in a bag ...

€2.20 €13.75/kg

Tutti Frutti Bubbles Easter Dragee 130 g

Tutti Frutti is a source of joy and sun for everyone. Tutti Frutti Bubbles are Easter’s most joyfully fruity sweet mix. Tutti Frutti Bubbles are naturally coloured and gelatine-free. They get their...

€1.39 €10.69/kg

Karl Fazer Lemon & Meringue Yoghurt 270 g

Finland’s most-loved chocolate ever since its launch in 1922. Its unique, smooth taste is guaranteed by using only the very best ingredients. The lemon meringue yoghurt adds a bit of zest to the so...

Tutti Frutti Beans 130 g

Tutti Frutti brings the fun! Tutti Frutti Beans transport you to a world of Easter flavors. The colorful Easter beans come in Tutti Frutti, lemon, strawberry and raspberry, and Tutti Frutti pear fl...

€1.39 €10.69/kg

Fazer Green Jellies 260 g

Fazer’s Green Jellies are an irresistible jelly classic. Luxuriously soft and smooth, Green Jellies have a wonderful pear flavour. Green Jellies do not contain gluten, gelatine or lactose and are v...

€3.69 €14.19/kg