The history of Fazer’s confectionery and its traditions have their origins in 19th century Europe. Fazer is Finland's leading confectionery company and  its products are produced in four factories located in Finland. The high quality of these products is guaranteed by employing only the best ingredients, excellent recipes, world-class manufacturing processes and skilled personnel. Sugar confectioneries include, for example, sweets, liquorice products, marmalade and pastilles.

Fazer Lakritsi 150 g Soft Original - Fazer Store

Fazer Lakritsi 150 g Soft Original

Sale -30%. Best before 25.10.2024 Fazer Lakritsi is an unbelievably soft Finnish liquorice which ...

Regular price €2.45 €1.70 €11.33/kg

Tutti Frutti candy stick 20g

Tutti Frutti brings the fun! A joyful, fruity candy stick that is perfect for a small treat or sn...

€10.00 / 30 pcs €16.67/kg

Fazer Lakritsi Choco 20 g

Soft filled Fazer liquorice stick. A rich chocolate liquorice where Fazer dark chocolate has been...

€10.00 / 30 pcs €16.67/kg

Fazer Lakritsi Original 20g

The soft Fazer liquorice stick, whose delicious taste comes from Fazer's traditional recipe from ...

€10.00 / 30 pcs €16.67/kg