Karl Fazer, also known as Fazer Blue, is part of the Finnish cultural heritage. The iconic Fazer's milk chocolate first appeared in 1922 in its famous blue wrapper symbolising the pure Finnish nature. It is the chocolate that many Finns have grown up with and has turned us into chocolate lovers. Fazer Blue is made from fresh milk.

100% of the cocoa we use comes from responsible sources.

Check out the Karl Fazer Blue Box The box includes Finland's most-loved chocolate and all of its different flavor variations, 18 different chocolate bars in total. 

Fazer Handmade Pralines 20 pcs

  SOLD OUT! COMING MORE IN JANUARY 2021.   20 pieces of finest Fazer handmade chocolate pralines.   Please note that Handmade Pralines have a shorter best before date, maximum 3 months. The best be...

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