Easter sweets


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  • Orders to Finland: Wed 20.3.2024
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Easter candies and chocolates at Fazer Store

You can find the most colourful and delicious Easter candies from Fazer Store! Fazer Easter candies and chocolates are perfect for enjoying during Easter and for decorating Easter pastries. Look at the Easter collection and order your favourite chocolates and candies online. 🐰

Easter candies

You can find a versatile selection of Easter candies from the Easter collection. Tutti Frutti Easter dragees and beans are suitable to enjoy as they are or as colourful decorations for Easter pastries. Tutti Frutti chocolate eggs candy bag is this Easter's delicious novelty product. Chocolate eggs combine smooth milk chocolate with fruity Tutti Frutti filling. Look also for the new Fazer Easter box and easily order sweets for Easter from Fazer Store!

Mignon egg is a lactose-free and gluten-free option for easter eggs

Mignon egg is an exquisite Easter treat composed of a mouthwatering almond-hazelnut nougat hand-poured into a real eggshell. 🐣 You can decorate your Mignon as you like, peel it and enjoy it! The Mignon egg also makes a lovely Easter gift and a great prize for an Easter egg hunt. The delicious nougat egg is also suitable for vegetarians. The Mignon eggs can be bought in one or four egg packages. Other gluten-free Easter sweets are Finlandia, Green Jellies marmalades, and Green Jellies candy bag.

Vegan Easter candies

You can also find many vegan Easter candy options from the Easter selection. Vegan Tutti Frutti candy stick and Fazer Karualakritsi made from Finnish oats are great examples of delicious vegan sweets. The section also contains gelatine-free Tutti Frutti beans, vegan Finlandia, and Green Jellies marmalades. 

Order Fazer treats directly to your doorstep, and be ready for the holiday season! The last order date for Easter is Sunday, 26.3.

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