Fazer NORDI is a brand new dark chocolate series designed for the US markets, inspired by Californian trends, crafted in Finland, - now available also on Fazer Candy Store!

Be among the very first ones to discover these unique Nordic flavors, crafted with wonder in Finland, 70 % cocoa, 100 % sustainably sourced.

Fazer NORDI. Crafted with wonder – in Finland.

Fazer NORDI Sea Buckthorn & Salty Caramel 95 g

Sea buckthorn, the golden treasure that grows in the salty spray of Nordic coastal areas, combined with the salty-sweet flavor of caramel and the intensity of dark chocolate in Fazer NORDI Sea Buck...

€58.90 / 12 pieces €51.67/kg

Fazer NORDI Hazelnut & Campsite Coffee 95 g

Fazer NORDI Hazelnut & Campsite coffee is like a welcome break during a wilderness adventure. Rich hazelnut and coffee roasted over a campfire complement the intense flavor of dark chocolate. 7...

€58.90 / 12 pieces €51.67/kg