Future Classics

These chocolates have been wished dearly! Welcome to try the new chocolate bars by Fazer: Fazer OatChoco and the no added sugar Karl Fazer Crispy Mint. These limited edition chocolates are available in the Fazer Store online store, Fazer Experience Visitor Centre in Vantaa, and Fazer Cafés.

One of these innovations, the plant-based Fazer OatChoco, is created by combining Finnish oats with sustainable cocoa. Oats have a familiar mild and soft flavour. Our newly developed manufacturing process complements this with cocoa, for a chocolate and oat treat that melts in the mouth. Two flavours are available in the pre-sales launch limited edition: Karl Fazer OatChoco and Karl Fazer OatChoco Hazelnut. Both are lactose-free, vegan and do not contain palm oil.

Another summertime treat is the fresh-tasting Karl Fazer Crispy Mint, no added sugar milk chocolate. "We are test selling chocolate with no added white sugar. The product was developed with flavour as the priority, and I am confident that it will meet the expectations of chocolate fans," says Jussi Loponen, Head of Research at Fazer. This new product is sweetened with xylitol.

To be one of the first to taste these treats, select the boxes you prefer – or both of them – below and place an order. A limited number of bars are available. EU-wide deliveries.

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