You can find a versatile selection of gluten-free candies, cookies, and other sweets from the Fazer Store!

Gluten-free candies

Fiery Tyskiks Peber candies are the favorite gluten-free candies of all time! You can also find other gluten-free sweets, such as beloved Green Jellies and Finlandia marmalades.

Gluten-free candy bags

You can find gluten-free candy bags from Fazer Store, such as Pihlaja marmalades and Marianne candies.

Other gluten-free sweets and products

Fazer Store selection also provides gluten-free cookies and gluten-free pastilles. From the selection, you can find gluten-free Crépe flour mix and gluten-free porridge.


Dumle lollipop bag 10 x 10 g

Dumle is a tasteful classic of delicious toffee and smooth Fazer milk chocolate. Dumle will always get you in good mood. This cheerful classic lollipop has been bringing joy since 1945. Don’t take ...

€2.60 €26.00/kg