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Here you can find our latest novelty products like delicious Pätkis Oat drink, Dumle granola and Fazerina cookie mix. Have a look at our new Fazer fan products too! 

Order now as a gift for yourself or surprise a friend with the sweetest gift from Fazer Store.  

Fazer Autumn 2022 Box - Fazer Store

Fazer Autumn 2022 Box

The Fazer novelty box contains all Fazer’s most interesting new sweets of autumn 2022. The box has enough treats for the whole family. The Fazer Novelty Box also makes a great gift idea.  The box c...

Fazer Party Box 2,35kg - Fazer Store

Fazer Party Box 2,35kg

Fazer Party Box contains over 2 kilos of favourite treats for both everyday indulgence and special occasions. Perfect for sharing with friends and family! The box contains following sweets: Tutti F...

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