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American dragee 175 g - Fazer Candy Store

American dragee 175 g

American Pastilles are a beloved chocolate classic with a crispy coating and rich milk chocolate filling for a perfect journey back in time. The three deliciously shiny colours of American Pastille...

€2.99 €17.09/kg
Avec pastilles 175 g - Fazer Candy Store

Avec pastilles 175 g

The history of the mint-flavoured Avec chocolate pastilles stretches as far back as 1929. Also known as “French pastilles”, the crispy coating of these well-known classic sweets contains a heart of...

€2.99 €17.09/kg
Biscuit Spring Box - Fazer Candy Store

Biscuit Spring Box

Biscuit spring is here! Fazer's Biscuit Spring Box brings you 1 kg of Fazer's novelty biscuits in a handy box, to enjoy with coffee or on a break. The box is an ideal treat for yourself or for shar...

Dumle Seasonal Strawberry 220 g - Fazer Candy Store

Dumle Seasonal Strawberry 220 g

Dumle is a joyful classic that will never grow up. This delicious sweet of soft chewy toffee and smooth Fazer chocolate now available in smooth strawberry flavor. One bag has enough delicious flavo...

€2.99 €13.59/kg
Fazer Handmade Pralines 20 pcs - Fazer Candy Store

Fazer Handmade Pralines 20 pcs

Temporarily out-of-stock, more available on week 26. Fazer's handmade chocolates add a touch of luxury to life.  These handmade pralines express the long history of Fazer’s skill and craftmanship a...

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Fazer Novelty Box Summer 2020 - Fazer Candy Store

Fazer Novelty Box Summer 2020

Fazer's summer 2020 candy and chocolate novelties are here! Every candy fan's dream is to have the chance to explore new flavors and novelties before anyone else. Now you can! Try out Fazer's Novel...

Fazer Store Chocolate Surprise 3 kg

Fazer Store Chocolate Surprise 3 kg

LIMITED EDITION Suprise yourself or someone nice with this Fazer Store Surprise Box: it includes 3 kg of divine wrapped chocolate pralines, three different summery flavors. Check the details below,...

€39.90 €13.30/kg
Fazer Store Essentials Box - Fazer Candy Store

Fazer Store Essentials Box

All the Fazer Store essentials in one box: Finnish Oululainen organic rye bread, Domino Original classic filled biscuits, Finland's beloved Karl Fazer milk chocolate, Fazer Alku rye instant porridg...

Geisha Cappuccino chocolate tablet 121 g - Fazer Candy Store

Geisha Cappuccino chocolate tablet 121 g

This product available in Fazer Novelty Box. Geisha milk chocolate wrapped around a hazelnut nougat filling with a touch of cappuccino. This wonderful chocolate bar combines a deliciously soft yet ...

€2.09 €17.27/kg
Jim Bites 94 g - Fazer Candy Store

Jim Bites 94 g

The Jim chocolate bar filled chocolate is a true classic that has warmed people’s hearts since 1958. Jim Bites is a combination of dark chocolate and a fruity whipped filling. Best of all, Fazer’s ...

€1.75 €18.62/kg