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Geisha Salty Caramel 100g chocolate biscuit - Fazer Store

Geisha Salty Caramel 100g chocolate biscuit

Take a moment with your loved ones and enjoy Geisha chocolate biscuits. Milk chocolate wrapped around salted hazelnut nougat filling with caramel crunch.

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Jyväshyvä snack biscuit raspberry and blueberry 180 g

This Jyväshyvä snack biscuit is raspberry-bilberry flavored and is made exclusively from oats. Its sweetness comes from the oats and berries. Jyväshyvä välipalakeksi biscuits are made in Finland fr...

€3.35 €18.61/kg

Jaffa Jim 300 g

Two classics come together in Jaffa JIM cakes – the classic Jaffa cake and a fruit-flavoured jelly filling from the JIM chocolate Bar. Best of all, they are made with 100% responsibly produced coco...

€3.30 €11.00/kg
Domino Marianne Toffee 350 g - Fazer Store

Domino Marianne Toffee 350 g

Domino has remained Finland’s best-loved biscuit ever since its launch in 1953. Domino Marianne Toffee biscuits are a marriage of two genuine classics: deliciously dark Domino cocoa biscuit and a s...

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Fasupala Marianne Toffee 199 g

Fasupala are Finland’s favourite chocolate wafer treats. Fasupala Marianne Toffee wafers bring together smooth Fazer milk chocolate, crunchy wafer, smooth toffee and the fresh peppermint flavour of...

€3.20 €16.08/kg