Fresh from the Fazer Candy Factory! Here you can find our latest candy, biscuit and chocolate novelties.

Tutti Frutti candy stick 20g

Tutti Frutti brings the fun! A joyful, fruity candy stick that is perfect for a small treat or snack. Made with natural colors and flavors, gelatin-free and vegan.

€9.30 / 30 pcs €15.50/kg

Remix Bestis 500g

Remix is the most diverse bag of sweets on the market and the king of the candy shelf. Are you a chocolate lover, or do you crave salty liquorice or tangy candies? With a combination of great flavo...

€4.30 €8.60/kg

Salta Katten 140g

Salta Katten is a classic with a history that dates back to 1952. The familiar black cats are now back in a new bag size made for sweet moments. Salta Katten candies are suitable for vegans and are...

€20.50 €146.43/kg

Pantteri Original salty liquorice pastilles 70g

Pantteri (Panther) is a salty-sweet liquorice that will bring out your feline side. Launched in 1962, the Original Pantteri is a classic that the years have not tamed. The bigger packet is handy to...

€31.00 / 16 pcs €27.68/kg