Fazer Novelty Box

We warmly and excitedly welcome you to explore our winter 2021 candy and chocolate novelties!

How about some Karl Fazer Suffeli milk chocolateMade from fresh milk, Karl Fazer Suffeli rice puffs chocolate bar is filled with delicious, crispy rice puffs—a combination that is bound to delight.

Or how does Karl Fazer Thins Strawberry Oat sound? They are a perfect combination of Fazer’s milk chocolate and strawberries, oat and almonds. 

Geisha milk chocolate with Sea salt & caramel is Geisha milk chocolate wrapped around hazelnut nougat filling with salted caramel crunch. This wonderful chocolate tablet combines a deliciously soft yet crispy filling with luxurious chocolate.

Pantteri Jungly Mix contains three different jungle flavours: blood orange–menthol, sweet and salty liquorice–menthol and salty liquorice–menthol. This bag is the perfect size for a wild feast with your friends!

These and many more to be found in Fazer Novelty Box Winter 2021. Order below! EU-wide deliveries.

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