Novelty Box Spring 2019

Pätkis Maxi Crunchy 55 g

This product available in Pätkis Box. Pätkis Maxi Crunchy is a truly inviting treat. The smooth mint chocolate truffle filling, milk chocolate and crispy toasted rice offer a taste sensation that e...

€27.80 / 20 pcs €25.27/kg
Karl Fazer Tutti Frutti 200 g chocolate tablet

Karl Fazer Tutti Frutti 200 g chocolate tablet

Finland’s most-loved chocolate since 1922. Its unique, smooth taste is guaranteed by using only the very best ingredients. Made from fresh milk, the chocolate conceals within it tasty Tutti Frutti ...

€2.85 €14.25/kg

Tutti Frutti Nordic Berries 300 g

This product available also in Novelty Box Spring 2019. Fruity Tutti Frutti sweets bring joy and sun to your day. Tutti Frutti Nordic Berries are a fresh mix of the berry flavours from northern nat...

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Domino Mini Original 99 g

This product available in Novelty Box Spring 2019. Domino has remained Finland’s most-loved biscuit ever since its launch in 1953. Domino Original is a classic filled biscuit, with the dark cocoa b...

€2.19 €22.12/kg