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Remix 350 g

Finland's most bought bag of sweets! A mixture of salty liquorice, fruit and sour flavours. Also included is the most popular sweet in the Remix family: sour grapefruit.

€3.00 €8.57/kg

Remix +choco assorted sweets 325 g

A delicious mix of different kinds of chocolate, fruit and salty liquorice sweets. A varied bag of sweets, where you can find the best sweet for every taste.

€3.00 €9.23/kg

Remix Bestis 500g

Remix is the most diverse bag of sweets on the market and the king of the candy shelf. Are you a chocolate lover, or do you crave salty liquorice or tangy candies? With a combination of great flavo...

€4.30 €8.60/kg

Remix Cats 400g

Remix is the most varied bag of sweets on the market, and the king of the candy shelf! Are you a chocolate fan or a lover of liquorice, or is your passion for fruity sweets? With a combination of g...

€4.10 €10.25/kg
Fazer Autumn 2022 Box - Fazer Store

Fazer Autumn 2022 Box

The Fazer novelty box contains all Fazer’s most interesting new sweets of autumn 2022. The box has enough treats for the whole family. The Fazer Novelty Box also makes a great gift idea.  The box c...