Sugar free pastilles

Here you can find Fazer's sugar free candy and xylitol pastille boxes.

Beloved Marianne Toffee, Tyrkisk Peber and Tutti Frutti are now available as sugar-free pastilles! Sugar free pastille is candy-like and sweet. They are sweetened with Fazer's own xylitol from oat hulls that is made as a result of circular economy. Made with natural colors, gelatin-free and suitable for vegans. 

Xylitol pastilles are sweetened with xylitol and do not contain gelatine. Family-sized xylitol pastille packages can be found here


Tyrkisk Peber sugar free pastille 40g

Tyrkisk Peber, too hot to handle! Sugar free candy pastilles that have a soft, chewy inside and crunchy crust. Salty liquorice tasting pastille is sweetened with Fazer's own xylitol from oat hulls ...

€31.00 / 20 pcs €38.75/kg