The most wonderful time of the year is here. Find the indulgent gifts and prestigious treats that only Fazer can offer, and have Christmas home-delivered from Fazer Candy Store.

Xmas box - Fazer.com

Xmas box

Build this season's most wonderful present: DIY Fazer Chocolate House! Fazer Xmas box includes everything needed for this dream house: Karl Fazer Winter edition Gingerbread chocolate tablets for th...

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Fazer Truffels 250 g - Fazer.com

Fazer Truffels 250 g

Beloved Fazer Truffles, most traditional assorted chocolates of all, are now available from Fazer Candy Store! The box includes 250 grams of these exclusive treats, and it fits the regular mail box...

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Fazer Pure Ruby chocolate 95 g - Fazer.com

Fazer Pure Ruby chocolate 95 g

This product is sold out. Ruby chocolate is made with carefully selected Ruby cocoa beans for a taste that is not bitter and not sweet but Pure Ruby. Ruby is a unique chocolate experience: smooth a...