Xmas 2020

Christmas is just around the corner! Here are Fazer Store's seasonal treats for cozy and festive moments. Find your favorite and order home-delivered.
Fazer Novelty Box Winter 2021

Fazer Novelty Box Winter 2021

Fazer's winter 2021 candy and chocolate novelties are here! Every candy fan's dream is to have the chance to explore new flavors and novelties before anyone else. Now you can! Try out Fazer's Novel...


Karl Fazer Christmas Calendar 175 g

The high-quality Karl Fazer advent calendar is the chocolate lover’s choice. The calendar´s delightful wintery picture is from Helsinki, from the Kluuvikatu Christmas street in 1937.

€5.95 Sold Out €34.00/kg
Sold Out

Karl Fazer Collection pralines 825 g

Karl Fazer Collection boxes contain Fazer’s best flavours and most popular confections. The box contains 96 chocolates in 14 different flavours.

€42.90 €51.69/kg
Vihreitä Kuulia chocolate bar 18 g

Vihreitä Kuulia chocolate bar 18 g

When classic green jelly candies get a coating of dark Fazer chocolate, a new favourite is born that everyone will want to taste. This irresistible Fazer Green Jelly chocolate bar has an enchanting...

€31.90 / 70 pcs €25.32/kg

Karl Fazer Finland tin box 375 g

A unique tin box – Karl Fazer 375 g The new Karl Fazer tin box is decorated with Romantic nationalist images in honour of Finland's centenary. This beautiful tin box is filled with the much-loved F...

€11.95 €31.87/kg
Merry Xmas Box

Merry Xmas Box

SOLD OUT!     Send your Holiday Greetings with Fazer Merry Xmas Box, which includes the very best of our Christmas chocolate, candy and cookies! To top it off, each box includes our most belov...

Fazer Festive 5, 500 g

At Christmas, you are allowed to enjoy yourself. Fazer Fazer Festive 5 is a Xmas gift box where all Fazer´s most loved brands are all in a box, everybody can found their favorite.

€9.95 €19.90/kg

Karl Fazer Collection pralines 145 g

Karl Fazer Collection boxes contain Fazer’s best flavours and most popular confections. The box contains 16 chocolates in 9 different flavours.

€8.99 €62.00/kg

Geisha Heart Shaped Box 225 g

Give yourself a present; give yourself a little “me time”. You’ll find the familiar hazelnut filling inside the chocolates in the Geisha heart-shaped box. Please note that the box will contain one ...

€7.65 €34.00/kg
Chocolate House Box - Fazer Candy Store

Chocolate House Box

SOLD OUT!   Build this season's most wonderful present: DIY Fazer Chocolate House! Fazer Chocolate House box includes everything needed for this dream house: Karl Fazer milk chocolate tablets for t...

Wiener nougat 210g almond pralines

Wiener nougat is an elegant classic that has been a firm favourite since its creation in 1904. Inside its elegant silver wrapper, you will find soft, melt-in-the-mouth almond nougat. Best of all, W...

€6.39 €30.43/kg