Alennukseen oikeuttavat tuotteet (lahjakortit rajattu pois)

Tämä collection sisältää kaikki muut tuotteet paitsi Fazer Café lahjakortit (tuotteet, joiden nimeämiseen on käytetty tekstiä Fazer Café)

Collectionia käytetään alennuskoodien kohdentamiseen, sillä saadaan poissuljettua fyysiset lahjakorttituotteet alennuksen piiristä. 

Fazer Lakritsi Original 20g

The soft Fazer liquorice stick, whose delicious taste comes from Fazer's traditional recipe from 1928. A classic taste for the friends of liquorice.

€10.00 / 30 pcs €16.67/kg

Fazer Lakritsi Choco 20 g

Soft filled Fazer liquorice stick. A rich chocolate liquorice where Fazer dark chocolate has been used in the filling. Gelatine-free.

€10.00 / 30 pcs €16.67/kg

Remix Salmiakki salty liquorice bag 230g

Remix is the most diverse bag of sweets on the market and the king of the candy bags - now also in the salty licorice shelf! Are you a true fan of classic salty licorice, or do you crave sour fruit...

€3.10 €13.48/kg

Fazer Lakritsi 150 g Soft Original

Fazer Lakritsi is an unbelievably soft Finnish liquorice which delicious taste comes from Fazer´s traditional recipe from 1928. The classic Soft Original will captivate the lovers of genuine black ...

€2.45 €16.33/kg

Fazer Black box

Fazer black box brings together beloved Fazer salmiac and licorice sweets. The box is perfect for celebrating the darkest weeks of the year! The box contains a versatile selection of salty liquori...


Tutti Frutti candy stick 20g

Tutti Frutti brings the fun! A joyful, fruity candy stick that is perfect for a small treat or snack. Made with natural colors and flavors, gelatin-free and vegan.

€10.00 / 30 pcs €16.67/kg

Karl Fazer Crunchy Black Edition 55g

Finland’s best-loved chocolate ever since its launch in 1922. Its unique and mellow taste is guaranteed by using only the very best ingredients. Karl Fazer Crunchy Black Edition is a delicious comb...

€30.00 / 20 pcs €27.27/kg