Chocolate Bars

Here you can find the greatest collection of our most loved chocolate bars! Don't forget the Fazer Chocolate Bar postal box, which includes the 12 must-have classics, every Finn and Finn-minded love to bits!

Duo Fazer Chocolate Bars Box - Fazer Store

Duo Fazer Chocolate Bars Box

BOX OF THE MONTH 20% OFF ❤️  All Stars brought together in double! Fazer's beloved chocolate bar...

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Fazer Bars t-shirt

Slightly fitted t-shirt with round neck and inside neck tape. Made from 100% organic cotton wit...

Karl Fazer Mint Crisps 37g - Fazer Store

Karl Fazer Mint Crisps 37g

Sold in Fazer Novelty box Summer 2024! Finland’s most-loved chocolate since 1922. Its unique tast...

€30.00 / 35 pcs €23.17/kg

Karl Fazer Milk Chocolate 39 g

The Karl Fazer Milk Chocolate countline is a classic. Karl Fazer Milk Chocolate is perfect for ev...

€30.00 / 35 pcs €21.98/kg

Dumle snacks 40 g

Dumle is a joyful classic that will never grow up. Dumle Snacks bar is a delicious chocolate and ...

€22.70 / 25 pcs €22.70/kg

Karl Fazer Crunchy 55 g

Karl Fazer Crunchy is a delicious combination of fudge and soft hazelnut nougat. The bar is coate...

€30.00 / 20 pcs €27.27/kg

Susu Original snack bar 40 g

Susu, the popular retro brand, is now available as a chocolate bar: delicious milk chocolate with...

€30.00 / 25 pcs €30.00/kg

Karl Fazer Lemon yoghurt 37g

Finland’s most-loved chocolate since 1922. Its unique taste is guaranteed by using only the very ...

€30.60 / 35 pcs €23.54/kg

Suffeli chocolate wafer 21 g

Suffeli, the classic Finnish chocolate bar, was created in 1966. The chocolate of a Suffeli bar c...

€39.00 / 80 pcs €23.21/kg

Geisha Crunchy 50 g

Geisha milk chocolate wrapped around two different hazelnut nougat fillings and crunchy rice cris...

€30.00 / 20 pcs €30.00/kg

Jim filled chocolate bar 14 g

The Jim chocolate bar has charmed people since 1958. This familiar treat is a combination of dark...

€39.00 / 70 pcs €39.80/kg

Fami chocolate bar 32 g

A classic from the sixties that will sweep your feet from under you! The Fami chocolate bar has a...

€30.00 / 35 pcs €26.79/kg

Pätkis Maxi Crunchy 55 g

Pätkis Maxi Crunchy is a truly inviting treat. The smooth mint chocolate truffle filling, milk ch...

€30.00 / 20 pcs €27.27/kg

Da Capo chocolate bar 20 g

Da Capo takes its name from the musical term Da capo, which means "again from the beginning". Thi...

€39.00 / 70 pcs €27.86/kg