Fazer’s confectionery brands are based on the quality and taste of the products, and their cultivation is a central value in the company. Some of the confectionery products that are still going strong were first created in the late 19th century.


Dumle brings out the twinkle in your eyes. The goofy sweet is a combination of soft chewy toffee and smooth Fazer Chocolate. The fun twisted fudge sweet is always there to bring you positive energy and...


Take a moment to enjoy a couple of pieces of Geisha chocolate. Under the soft milk chocolate coating, you’ll find that familiar, delicious, crunchy hazelnut filling. Geisha chocolate was launched in 1962. This chocolate...

Karl Fazer

Karl Fazer, also known as Fazer Blue, is part of the Finnish cultural heritage. The iconic Fazer's milk chocolate first appeared in 1922 in its famous blue wrapper symbolising the pure Finnish nature. It is the...

Pure Dark

Pure Dark is all about high quality dark chocolate with an element of surprise and interesting flavours.


Marianne is unique combination of fresh peppermint crust and delicious dark chocolate filling and it has been consumers' favourite for decades. 

Tutti Frutti

Tutti Frutti brings the fun! Tutti Frutti is a cheerful assortment of fruity flavors made with natural colors, gelatin-free, and most of these are also vegan. Do the natural - taste the Tutti Frutti!


Fazer has a long tradition of making biscuits. First biscuit brand - Carneval - was introduced in 1925. In addition Fazer has a wide selection of most famous biscuits in Finland including Domino, Jaffa, Fasupala and...