Chocolate Bags

Dumle Original 220 g

Dumle is a joyful classic that will never grow up. This delicious sweet of soft chewy toffee and smooth Fazer chocolate will always put you on a good mood. There’s enough joy for you and your frien...

€3.20 €14.55/kg
Dumle Liquorice 220 g Wicked Edition - Fazer Store EN

Dumle Liquorice 220 g Wicked Edition

These classic, toffee-filled milk chocolates are guaranteed to put you and your friends in a great mood! Dumle Liquorice candies are also available in a separate bag. Dumle Liquorice 220 g Wicked e...

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Pätkis Mini Bites 140 g

Despite its small size, Pätkis has been a firm favourite in Finland since 1978. This much-loved milk-chocolate coated mint truffle has been cut into pieces and put into a bag to make a bite-sized t...

€1.90 €13.57/kg

Suffeli Puffi Snacks 180 g

Suffeli Puffi Snacks are crispy corn puffs covered with chocolate. Suffeli Puffi Snacks now come in a stand-up bag, making them even easier to enjoy. A delicious treat by yourself or in company!

€3.20 €17.78/kg

Marianne dragee 175 g

The fresh and crunchy peppermint shell of Marianne sweets holds a generous and delicious toffee filling. Marianne Drops are a delicious combination of a thin and crispy mint shell with melt-in-the-...

€3.20 €18.29/kg

Fazer Store Gift Card

Fazer Store’s gift card is the sweetest electronic gift there is, and can be conveniently emailed to its recipient. Gift cards are available for 15, 25, 50 and 100 euro. Once you’ve ordered it, you...

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Avec pastilles 175 g

The history of the mint-flavoured Avec chocolate pastilles stretches as far back as 1929. Also known as “French pastilles”, the crispy coating of these well-known classic sweets contains a heart of...

€3.20 €18.29/kg

Suffeli Mini Crispy Snacks 170g

Suffeli, the classic Finnish chocolate wafer, was created in 1966. Beneath the chocolate coating of Suffeli Mini Crispy Snacks you will find delightfully delicious and crunchy small puffed wheat. B...

€3.20 €18.82/kg