froosh mango & orange 150 ml

meet alphonso, the rolls-royce of mangos and the secret weapon to our best-seller. in fruit we trust.

€1.70 €10.90/kg

Fazer Froosh Fruit smoothie Clean Green 250 ml

Froosh Clean Green. A green smoothie with detox feeling. Clean Green introduces vinegar, which is a unique ingredient in the smoothie category. The smoothie also contains spirulina and spinach with...


Fazer Froosh Fruit smoothie Up Beat 250 ml

This smoothie contains caffeine equivalent to one cup of coffee. In addition to caffeine and guarana, it includes delicious crushed mango, banana and acerola for an added vitamin c boost. High caff...

€2.60 €10.00/kg
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Snack Box

Add power to your day with healthy snacks! Fazer snack pack powered by Brainhow will provide you with selection of healthy ‘brainfood’ snacks. Its carefully selected products contain everything you...