Take a moment to enjoy a couple of pieces of Geisha chocolate. Under the soft milk chocolate coating, you’ll find that familiar, delicious, crunchy hazelnut filling.

Geisha chocolate was launched in 1962. This chocolate was born out of the idea of combining Mimosa, a popular crispy filling from a Japanese bakery product, with Fazer’s esteemed and well-known milk chocolate. Success was assured from the very first moment. Today, Geisha is the most international of Fazer’s brands.

Geisha 270 g box

Get your loved ones together and take a moment to marvel at how beautiful life is. Geisha chocola...

€5.95 €22.04/kg

Geisha 121 g

Geisha milk chocolate wrapped around a hazelnut nougat filling. This wonderful chocolate bar comb...

€2.80 €23.14/kg

Geisha Heart Shaped Box 225 g

Please note, that the Geisha box has 5 different visuals: Geisha, Love you, Thank you, With love ...

€9.50 €42.22/kg

Fasupala Geisha wafer 175 g

The delicious Fasupala Geisha waffle combines Fazer’s soft chocolate-covered wafers with a Geisha...

€4.00 €22.86/kg

Geisha Crunchy 50 g

Geisha milk chocolate wrapped around two different hazelnut nougat fillings and crunchy rice cris...

€30.00 / 20 pcs €30.00/kg

Geisha granola 375 g

The beloved taste of Fazer Geisha combined with oat granola. Crispy toasted whole grain oats and ...

€7.20 €19.20/kg

Geisha x LUMENE box

The Geisha x LUMENE box combines beloved Geisha chocolates and popular Lumene cosmetics! Back in...

Geisha x Iittala box - Fazer Store

Geisha x Iittala box

Geisha x Iittala box celebrates Finnish heritage and high quality by combining beloved brands in...

Geisha Caramel & Sea salt 100 g - Fazer Store

Geisha Caramel & Sea salt 100 g

-30% OFF, BEST BEFORE 14.06.2024 Geisha milk chocolate wrapped around hazelnut nougat filling wit...

Regular price €35.00 €24.50 Temporarily sold out / 20 pcs €12.25/kg
Temporarily sold out

Geisha 62 g

Sold in Geisha x Lumene box. Geisha milk chocolate wrapped around a hazelnut nougat filling. This...

Geisha - Focus on the Good

Give yourself a present; give yourself a little “me time”.