You can find a versatile selection of gluten-free candies, cookies, and other sweets from the Fazer Store!

Gluten-free candies

Fiery Tyskiks Peber candies are the favorite gluten-free candies of all time! You can also find other gluten-free sweets, such as beloved Green Jellies and Finlandia marmalades.

Gluten-free candy bags

You can find gluten-free candy bags from Fazer Store, such as Pihlaja marmalades and Marianne candies.

Other gluten-free sweets and products

Fazer Store selection also provides gluten-free cookies and gluten-free pastilles. From the selection, you can find gluten-free Crépe flour mix and gluten-free porridge.


Fazer Green Jellies 500g

The Fazer Green Jellies are the prettiest pearls of every feast. The luxurious sweet taste of the...

€6.95 €13.90/kg
Fazer Green Jellies 260 g - Fazer Store EN

Fazer Green Jellies 260g

Summer Sale -40% off. Best before 24.7.2024. Fazer’s Green Jellies are an irresistible jelly clas...

Regular price €4.90 €2.95 €11.35/kg
Finlandia 260 g - Fazer Store

Finlandia marmalade 260g

Summer Sale -20%. Finlandia is a delightful Finnish marmalade candy with a hundred years of histo...

Regular price €4.90 €3.90 €15.00/kg

Moomin lollipop 8 g

Moomin lollipops are a classic treat and a lot of fun. These heart-shaped lollipops come in three...

€25.00 / 150 pcs €20.83/kg

Pihlaja 220 g

Also known as Fox candy, the fruity Pihlaja marmalade is Fazer’s longest-selling product. The sof...

€3.90 €17.73/kg

Salmiakki Mix Lollipop 9 g

This hard trio combines the flavours of three different salty liquorice sweets. Fazer Salmiakki l...

€32.00 / 150 pcs €23.70/kg

Super Salmiakki Salmiak 80g

This classic hardly needs an introduction. It is a controversial delicacy that you will either lo...

€1.70 €21.25/kg

Tyrkisk Peber lollipop 9g

The familiar fiery salty liquorice delight in lollipop form – filled with just the right amount o...

€32.00 / 150 pcs €23.70/kg

Tyrkisk Peber Original 150 g

Tyrkisk Peber is a salty liquorice classic with a peppery kick, and it has been a big hit ever si...

€2.50 €16.67/kg

Moomin Lollipop Mix 120 g

TRAVELLER EXCLUSIVE Moomin lollipops are a classic treat that are a perfect part of having fun. T...

€3.50 €29.17/kg

Fazer Gluten-free Crépe flour mix 150 g

With Fazer gluten-free flour mix you can make tasty gluten-free crépes! Check out Fazer Store's o...

€2.10 Temporarily sold out €14.00/kg
Temporarily sold out
Mignon 52 g 4-pack - Fazer Store

Mignon 52 g 4-pack

Summer Sale -30 %. Best before 23.12.2024. The Mignon egg – Fazer’s unique classic created in 189...

Regular price €9.60 €6.70 €32.21/kg
Mignon 52 g - Fazer Store

Mignon 52 g

Sale -35 %. Best before 30.12.2024. The Mignon egg – Fazer’s unique classic created in 1896 – is ...

Regular price €3.80 €2.50 €48.08/kg