Marianne is unique combination of fresh peppermint crust and delicious dark chocolate filling and it has been consumers' favourite for decades. 

Marianne peppermint candies 220 g

Marianne candy - fresh and crispy peppermint and delicious dark chocolate filling. With its red and white striped wrapper, Marianne is instantly recognisable!

€2.39 €10.86/kg

Marianne chocolate dragees 150 g

The little sister of the classic Fazer classic. The crispy peppermint crust of a Marianne sweet reveals a chocolate filling that will melt in your mouth. Best for filling your whole mouth or decora...

€2.14 €14.27/kg

Kismet Snacks Marianne 155 g

Tucked inside the chocolate coating of Kismet Marianne Snacks is a deliciously crispy waffle and mint cocoa filling. Words can't describe how good they are! Kismet Marianne Snacks now come in a sta...

€2.30 €14.84/kg

Marianne Drops 200 g

Marianne drops are a delicious combination of a thin and crispy mint shell and melt-in-the-mouth chocolate. Small in size, the Marianne drop is like a beautiful white pearl and it is ideal for dec...

€3.53 €17.65/kg