Fazer has a long tradition of making biscuits. First biscuit brand - Carneval - was introduced in 1925. In addition Fazer has a wide selection of most famous biscuits in Finland including Domino, Jaffa, Fasupala and Fazer Moomin biscuits.
Domino Gingerbread 175 g -

Domino Gingerbread 175 g

The seasonal flavour of this classic biscuit. A delicious taste experience that combines a gingerbread flavoured biscuit and a vanilla filling flavoured with cinnamon.

€2.10 €12.00/kg
Jaffa Green jellies 300 g -

Jaffa Green jellies 300 g

A Jaffa cake with a Vihreät kuulat flavoured marmalade filling and a Fazer dark chocolate coating.

€2.85 €9.50/kg

Fasupala Salty caramel 215 g

Fasupala Suolainen toffee croquant waffles are a winning blend of sweet and salty that is sure to have you hooked. This delicious waffle combines milk chocolate, waffle and a salty toffee croquant ...

€2.75 €12.79/kg

Domino Original 175 g

Domino – the most beloved of biscuits. A classic amongst sandwich biscuits. Original. Genuine. Domino's enduring popularity that spans generations does not seem to have any other explanation than t...

€2.10 €12.00/kg

Domino Cardamom 175 g

In Domino Cardamom, the tantalising taste of light cardamom has been added to the classic vanilla flavour.

€2.10 €12.00/kg

Domino Marianne 350 g

Domino Marianne filled biscuits are a marriage of two genuine classics: deliciously dark Domino cocoa biscuit, and a refreshing filling of Marianne peppermint crush. Great served with coffee both o...

€3.49 €9.97/kg

Fazer Carneval 175 g biscuits

A favourite with the young ones, Fazer Carneval has been delighting party people since 1925. The beautiful colours of Fazer Carneval biscuits are entirely natural.

€2.90 €16.57/kg

Fazer Doris Truffle 250 g

Doris, the classic biscuit at feasts, will win your hearts over with its soft truffle flavoured filling and delicious cocoa on the sides.

€3.79 €15.16/kg

Jaffa Orange 300 g

A classic amongst soft biscuits! A light, soft sponge base topped with orange marmalade and rich dark chocolate.

€2.85 €9.50/kg

Fasupala Original 215 g

The original Fasupala is Finland’s favourite chocolaty and suitably bite-sized wafer biscuit. Fasupala original tastes of toffee, wafer and milk chocolate.

€2.75 €12.79/kg

The Fazer Story

The inspiring and emotional film tells about the Fazer story and summarizes what Fazer stands for. In the film, we see the key milestones of Fazer’s history but the film also highlights the meaning of themes like dreams, friendship and courage and it marks out the future of taste sensations.