Novelty Box Spring 2019 - Fazer Candy Store

Novelty Box Spring 2019

Fazer's Spring 2019 Novelty Box is here! Every candy fan's dream is to have the chance to explore new flavors and novelties before anyone else. Now you can! Try out Fazer's Novelty Box, you'll get ...

Dumle Easter Egg - Fazer Candy Store

Dumle Easter Egg

LIMITED EDITION Every Dumle fan's wildest dream has come true: enormous Dumle Easter Egg full of Dumles available now only on Fazer Candy Store! This huge Easter surprise holds plenty of Dumle chew...

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Easter Box - Fazer Candy Store

Easter Box

Trick or treat? Don't forget to buy candies for Easter's trick-or-treaters! These candies and chocolates are designed to please the taste of even the most demanding Easter guest. Don't mess with th...

Biscuit Box - Fazer Candy Store

Biscuit Box

Fazer Biscuit Box is here! Be the first one to explore the latest additions to our highly attractive biscuit collection. The box includes Jaffa Tutti Frutti fruit marmelade filled soft cookies, Pät...

Karl Fazer Box - Fazer Candy Store

Karl Fazer Box

Karl Fazer chocolate, also known as Fazer Blue, is part of the Finnish cultural heritage. The iconic Fazer's milk chocolate first appeared in 1922 in its famous blue wrapper symbolising the pure Fi...


Taste of Finland Box

Fazer has some of the most delicious candies and chocolates in the world. But sometimes our much-loved brands are hard to find outside Finland... Worry no more! Whether you're a Finn travelling the...

Vegan friendly box - Fazer Candy Store

Vegan friendly box

Sweet greens are made of these! Fazer Candy Store proudly presents the latest addition to our exclusive online selection: Vegan Friendly Box. This taste of vegan fulfills every green dream of yours...


Fazer Moomin Box

Candy Delivery for Someone Special! Who would you like to delight with a sweet deal of Fazer Moomin Box? This limited edition Fazer Moomin Box includes Fazer Moomin candy and xylitol products shown...


Wiener nougat 392 g

Wiener nougat is an elegant classic that has been a firm favourite since its creation in 1904. Inside its elegant silver wrapper, you will find soft, melt-in-the-mouth almond nougat. Best of all, W...

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Geisha 270 g box

Get your loved ones together and take a moment to marvel at how beautiful life is. Geisha chocolates contain a delicious hazelnut filling. Geisha pralines is also an ideal gift for celebration!

€5.25 €19.44/kg