Fazer Pure Ruby chocolate 95 g -

Fazer Pure Ruby chocolate 95 g

FAZER PURE RUBY CHOCOLATE 95 g IS SOLD OUT. One of most rare chocolates in the world is soon available online at Fazer Candy Store. You can also purchase Fazer Pure Ruby offline in Finland from Faz...

Geisha Heart-Shaped Box 225 g

Special edition for the Geisha Heart-Shaped Box is now available on Fazer Candy Store! These hazelnut filled milk chocolate pieces of heaven has four different message on the sleeve, "Thank you", "...

€7.40 €32.89/kg
Vegan friendly box -

Vegan friendly box

Sweet greens are made of these! Fazer Candy Store proudly presents the latest addition to our exclusive online selection: Vegan Friendly Box. This taste of vegan fulfills every green dream of yours...


Fazer Moomin Box

Candy Delivery for Someone Special! Who would you like to delight with a sweet deal of Fazer Moomin Box? This limited edition Fazer Moomin Box includes Fazer Moomin candy and xylitol products shown...


Geisha 270 g box

Get your loved ones together and take a moment to marvel at how beautiful life is. Geisha chocolates contain a delicious hazelnut filling. Geisha pralines is also an ideal gift for celebration!

€5.25 €19.44/kg
Karl Fazer Dumle 200 g -

Karl Fazer Dumle 200 g

Finland’s most loved chocolate since 1922. It’s unique and smooth taste is guaranteed by using only the very best ingredients. This year’s novelty tablet Karl Fazer Dumle includes sweet toffee bite...

€2.79 €13.95/kg
Kismet Geisha 41g -

Kismet Geisha 41g

The delicious milk chocolate of Kismet hides the hazelnut nougat filling of Geisha within itself. The beloved tastes of Kismet and Geisha have joined in an irresistible marriage of flavours, winnin...

€27.90 / 45 pieces €15.50/kg

Karl Fazer Milk chocolates 270 g

Karl Fazer Milk Chocolate first appeared in 1922 in its famous blue wrapper, symbolising the nature of Finland. The iconic colour together with Karl Fazer signature stand for taste and quality. All...

€3.99 €14.78/kg