Postal Boxes

Fazer Moomin Box

Candy Delivery for Someone Special! Who would you like to delight with a sweet deal of Fazer Moomin Box? This limited edition Fazer Moomin Box includes Fazer Moomin candy and xylitol products shown...

Fazer Chocolate Bars postal box - Fazer Candy Store

Fazer Chocolate Bars postal box

All Stars brought together! Fazer's beloved chocolate bar classics, some of which go all the way back to the 1910s, now sold together in one box! If you haven't tried all of them, now is your chanc...

Fazer Candy Day Box - Fazer Candy Store

Fazer Candy Day Box

This box makes life taste a little sweeter! With Fazer Candy Day Box everyday is a Candy Day! Fazer Candy Day is a small curated box full of best candies and chocolates that only Fazer can offer. I...