Xylimax peppermint pastilles 2,4 x 100

Xylimax Peppermint is the pastilles' coolest friend. This full-xylitol pastille refreshes your breath in a breeze and entices you with the taste of fresh peppermint hidden under a smooth top.

€19.90 / 100 pieces €82.92/kg

Xylimax Trio full xylitol chewing gum 130 g

If you cannot choose, take them all! The Xylimax Trio chewing gum bag is full of surprises. The fresh mix consists of peppermint, spearmint and fruit. Despite their differences, the flavour of each...

€3.28 €25.23/kg

Xylimax Eucamenthol Full xylitol pastilles 38 g

Xylimax Eucamenthol is a pastille sweetened with 100 % ksylitol. The cool breeze of this remedy for a sore throat or dry mouth refreshes your breath and can save you from a tight spot.

€32.90 / 20 pieces €43.29/kg

Xylimax Eucamenthol full xylitol pastilles 90 g

Xylimax Eucamentol is just the pastille for a croaky throat and dry mouth as well as for freshening your breath. This pastille is like a cool breeze, saving you from all sorts of tight spots. This ...

€4.19 €46.56/kg

Xylimax Pear full xylitol pastilles 700 g

The Xylimax Full Xylitol pastille has a cool and fresh taste of pear. These small pastilles hide a great long-lasting taste which will linger long on your tongue. Nobody can say no to this fruity t...

€18.90 €27.00/kg