Chewing Gum

Xylimax Trio full xylitol chewing gum 130 g

If you cannot choose, take them all! The Xylimax Trio chewing gum bag is full of surprises. The fresh mix consists of peppermint, spearmint and fruit. Despite their differences, the flavour of each...

€3.28 €25.23/kg

Xylimax Muumi Raspberry & Fruit chewing gum 100 g

Raspberry-fruit chewing gum – what could be sweeter! This cheerful Moomin package includes several refreshing flavours of chewing gum whose secrets are surely included in Grandma Moomin’s recipe bo...

The Fazer Story

The inspiring and emotional film tells about the Fazer story and summarizes what Fazer stands for. In the film, we see the key milestones of Fazer’s history but the film also highlights the meaning of themes like dreams, friendship and courage and it marks out the future of taste sensations.