Fazerina is a true classic of flavors and Fazer's first filled chocolate, which has charmed its tasters since 1953. Fazerina is a chocolate where orange truffle filling and sophisticated milk chocolate take you on a flavor journey to the sweetest memories. You can't forget this charmer! Order Fazerina chocolates, biscuits and Fazerina granola from Fazer Store.

Fazerina 121 g

Fazerina filled chocolate is a true classic, charming its way into people’s hearts ever since 1953. The orange truffle filling combined with exquisite milk chocolate will take you on a tasty trip d...

€2.80 €23.14/kg

Fazer Festive 5, 500 g Spring edition

Fazer Festive 5 is a festive mixture of five much-loved chocolates packed into a stylish gift box. Which is your favourite – Karl Fazer Milk Chocolate, Geisha, Dumle, Fazermint or Fazerina? Best of...

€9.90 €19.80/kg

Fazerina filled milk chocolate 37 g

Fazerina, a classic that has been around for decades, is always a charming chocolate delicacy. The orange truffle filling combined with the exquisite milk chocolate will take you on a tasty trip do...

€30.00 / 35 pcs €23.08/kg

Fazerina granola muesli 375 g

Fazerina granola with dark chocolate, oat and pieces of orange. Vegan. Perfect for breakfast and snacking or for the desserts.

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Fasupala Fazerina 199 g

Fasupala is Finland’s favourite chocolate waffle. The delicious Fasupala Fazerina waffle combines Fazer’s soft milk chocolate-covered wafers with an orange truffle–flavoured Fazerina filling. The c...

€4.00 €20.10/kg

Fazerina chocolate biscuit 142 g

The Fazerina chocolate biscuit is your ticket to real indulgence. The Fazer milk chocolate coating of this biscuit hides a delightful Fazerina-flavoured filling. The chocolate used to make this bis...

€4.10 €28.87/kg

Domino Choco Fazerina biscuit 180 g

Coated with Fazer milk chocolate and filled with orange flavoured filling, Domino choco Fazerina transforms an everyday treat into a moment of luxurious pleasure. Domino biscuits are made from 100%...

€3.15 €17.50/kg

Duo Fazer Chocolate Bars Box

All Stars brought together in double! Fazer's beloved chocolate bar novelties and classics, some of which go all the way back to the 1910s, are now sold together in one box! If you haven't tried a...


Fazer Leipurit Dumle cookie mix 350 g

Dumle is a classical combination of chocolate and toffee. Dumle is one of Fazer’s best-selling confectionary brands that are very well-known in Finland. We now want to offer the taste of Dumle as a...

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