Vegan sweets, biscuits and more

Do the natural! Here are our super delicious vegan sweets, a wide range of candy, biscuits, chocolate, and snacks. When in doubt, do the natural! Order vegan sweets easily online.

Vegan sweets

From Fazer Store, you can find a wide selection of vegan sweets such as vegan jelly sweets, sour vegan candies, and vegan liquorice. As sugar-free vegan sweets, you can discover Fazer's sugar-free candy pastilles with flavors of Salted licorice, Tutti Frutti, and Tyrkisk Peber.

Vegan biscuits

The selection also provides a great selection of vegan biscuits. You can find vegan-friendly Domino and Moomin biscuits from the collection with several different flavors. In addition, you can discover vegan Jyväshyvä snack biscuits to energize your day!

Vegan chocolate

Fazer Pure Dark chocolates are Fazer’s finest dark chocolate. And what is best, Pure Dark chocolates are suitable for vegans. Another vegan chocolate option is Fazer's beloved Oat Choco tablets. Karl Fazer Oat Choco is a vegan and lactose-free alternative to milk chocolate, and it is made with Finnish oats and Arriba cocoa. Check out Fazer Store's vegan chocolates!

Super Salmiakki Salmiak 80g

This classic hardly needs an introduction. It is a controversial delicacy that you will either lo...

€1.70 €21.25/kg

Ässä Mix 180 g

Ässä Mix or Missä X? An all-time favourite of Finns, Ässä Mix combines the best in fruit flavours...

€2.40 €13.33/kg

Tyrkisk Peber Original 150 g

Tyrkisk Peber is a salty liquorice classic with a peppery kick, and it has been a big hit ever si...

€2.50 €16.67/kg

Fazer Salmiakki Mix 180g

Salmiakki Mix is the best form and flavour of authentic Finnish salty liquorice. This bag contain...

€2.40 €13.33/kg

Tutti Frutti Passion 180 g

Tutti Frutti brings the fun! Tutti Frutti Passion is an exciting assortment of tropical flavors t...

€2.40 €13.33/kg

Tutti Frutti Sour 180 g

Tutti Frutti brings the fun! Tutti Frutti candies with a sour coating, Tutti Frutti Sour will tic...

€2.40 €13.33/kg

Fazer Moomin biscuit 175 g

The small and crunchy Moomin biscuits are a treat the whole family can share. These soft-flavoure...

€3.10 €17.71/kg

Tutti Frutti Rings 180 g

Tutti Frutti brings the fun! Three delicious fruity flavors in one bag: Tutti Frutti Rings brings...

€2.40 €13.33/kg

Fazer Green Jellies 500g

The Fazer Green Jellies are the prettiest pearls of every feast. The luxurious sweet taste of the...

€6.95 €13.90/kg

Fazer Cinnamon Rolls 240 g

Fazer Cinnamon Rolls have a wonderfully soft texture and an enchanting cinnamon filling. Please n...

€2.70 €11.25/kg

Fazer Lakritsi Original 20g

The soft Fazer liquorice stick, whose delicious taste comes from Fazer's traditional recipe from ...

€10.00 / 30 pcs €16.67/kg

Fazer Green Jellies 260g

Fazer’s Green Jellies are an irresistible jelly classic. Luxuriously soft and smooth, Green Jelli...

€4.90 €18.85/kg

Domino Marianne 350 g

Domino has remained Finland’s best-loved biscuit ever since its launch in 1953. Domino Marianne b...

€4.55 €13.00/kg

Pihlaja 220 g

Also known as Fox candy, the fruity Pihlaja marmalade is Fazer’s longest-selling product. The sof...

€3.90 €17.73/kg