Products for breakfast and brunch

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Good morning! Here you can find lovely breakfast products from Fazer Store. The selection offers options for leisurely weekend brunches and quicker breakfast moments during weekdays. The products are also perfect for snacks. You will find popular Fazerina and Dumle gourmet granolas, Fazer Alku porridges and mueslis, crunchy cereals, and refreshing Froosh smoothies from the breakfast collection.

Oululainen Reissumies Tosi Ohut Ruis 10pcs 350g

The strike by the Food Workers' Union of Finland may affect the delivery times of orders containing this product on February 14-15. Reissumies Tosi Ohut Ruis is 100% Finnish, thin wholegrain rye br...

€3.90 €11.14/kg

Oululainen Dark Crispbread 215 g

Dark crispbreads have a dark and slightly sweet taste profile. They are delicious with cold-smoked salmon, for example, or with cheeses. Thanks to their nutritional content, they also make a great,...

€2.30 €10.70/kg

Fazerina granola muesli 375 g

Fazerina granola with dark chocolate, oat and pieces of orange. Vegan. Perfect for breakfast and snacking or for the desserts.

€7.20 €19.20/kg

Fazer Alku Raspberry Oat Porridge 400 g

Fazer Alku Raspberry Oat Porridge is the only instant porridge on the market that is totally additive-free and has absolutely no added sugar. It contains heaps of raspberries and is also high in fi...

€5.20 €13.00/kg

Fazer Alku Tastier Oat Porridge 500 g

Fazer Alku Tastier Oat Porridge contains large flakes of oat and muesli, which make it wonderfully light and soft. Tastier Oat Porridge is additive-free, high in fibre and has been awarded the Finn...

€2.60 €5.20/kg

Fazer Alku Apple & Oat Granola 400 g

Apple and oven-toasted oats are a match made in heaven. The result is a soft and delicious cereal that is full of oaty goodness and sweetened with real honey.

€6.40 €16.00/kg

Fazer Alku Garden Muesli 375 g

We decided to make a muesli filled with familiar flavours and ingredients that you could find in your own garden. We added seeds to pack in proteins and healthy oils.

€6.40 €17.07/kg

Pätkis Oat Drink 1L

Delicious Fazer Pätkis Oat Drink is a Finnish and vegan cocoa drink which is great both hot and cold. That familiar mint chocolate flavour of Pätkis is perfect in an oat-based drink.  The drink is ...

€3.25 €3.07/kg

Fazer Aito Oat Drink Barista 1 L

Fazer Aito Oat Drink Barista – the awesome oats that delivers for coffee the perfect foam and texture you will soon learn to insist on. Dairy-free,  lactose-free and gluten-free, Aito Oat Drink Bar...


Fazer Gluten-free Harvest porridge 450g

Hearty porridge with lots of seeds! Harvest porridge combines domestic, gluten-free whole grain oats with pumpkin-, flax- and sunflower seeds. The porridge has plenty of oatmeal and a little buckwh...

€3.90 €8.67/kg

Fazer Alku Raspberry heart cereal 375 g

Sold in Fazer Breakfast box. Crunchy Alku Raspberry heart cereal has an enchanting raspberry flavour. This wholegrain cereal is high in fibre and has been granted the Finnish Heart Association’s He...

Geisha granola 375 g

The beloved taste of Fazer Geisha combined with oat granola. Crispy toasted whole grain oats and milk chocolate and hazelnut pieces. Rich in fiber.

€7.20 €19.20/kg

Fazer Alku Oat fibre & linseed porridge 500 g

Sold in Fazer Breakfast box. The mellow flavour of Alku Oat fibre & linseed comes from the delicious combination of carefully flaked oats and oat bran with a sprinkling of linseed. Along with t...

Fazer Breakfast box

From this colourful Fazer Breakfast box, you can find Fazer's breakfast and snack novelties, classics and future classics.  The box is a beautiful gift idea to cheer yourself up during the week and...


Froosh Smoothie Focus 235 ml

Froosh Focus is a berrylicious smoothie with taste of black currant and strawberries. The smoothie is boosted with iron, zink and B5 to support normal cognitive function and mental performance. Sol...

€2.90 €11.69/kg