Xylimax Eucamenthol Full xylitol pastilles 38 g

Xylimax Eucamenthol is a pastille sweetened with 100 % ksylitol. The cool breeze of this remedy for a sore throat or dry mouth refreshes your breath and can save you from a tight spot.

€32.90 / 20 pieces €43.29/kg

Xylimax Raspberry full xylitol pastilles 38 g

The sweet taste of raspberry meets nature's own sweetener, xylitol, in these little round pastilles. Pink Xylimax Raspberry xylitol pastilles are like a kiss in the spring: they will make you smile...

€32.90 / 20 pieces €43.29/kg

Xylimax Eucamenthol full xylitol pastilles 90 g

Xylimax Eucamentol is just the pastille for a croaky throat and dry mouth as well as for freshening your breath. This pastille is like a cool breeze, saving you from all sorts of tight spots. This ...

€4.19 €46.56/kg

Xylimax peppermint pastilles 2,4 x 100

Xylimax Peppermint is the pastilles' coolest friend. This full-xylitol pastille refreshes your breath in a breeze and entices you with the taste of fresh peppermint hidden under a smooth top.

€19.90 / 100 pieces €82.92/kg