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These Fazer candy boxes make life taste a little bit sweeter! Delivered from Karkkila with love. Order, unbox and enjoy!

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Fazer Novelty Box -

Fazer Novelty Box

Fazer's Winter 2019 Novelty Box is here! Every candy fan's dream is to have the chance to explore new flavors and novelties before anyone else. Now you can! Try out Fazer's Novelty Box, you'll get...

Xmas box -

Xmas box

Build this season's most wonderful present: DIY Fazer Chocolate House! Fazer Xmas box includes everything needed for this dream house: Karl Fazer Winter edition Gingerbread chocolate tablets for th...

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Fazer Truffels 250 g -

Fazer Truffels 250 g

Beloved Fazer Truffles, most traditional assorted chocolates of all, are now available from Fazer Candy Store! The box includes 250 grams of these exclusive treats, and it fits the regular mail box...

Fazer Moomin Box -

Fazer Moomin Box

Candy Delivery for Someone Special! Who would you like to delight with a sweet deal of Fazer Moomin Box?This limited edition Fazer Moomin box includes Fazer Moomin candy and xylitol products shown ...


Taste of Finland Box

Fazer has some of the most delicious candies and chocolates in the world. But sometimes our much-loved brands are hard to find outside Finland... Worry no more! Whether you're a Finn travelling the...


Fazer Candy Day Box

This box makes life taste a little sweeter! With Fazer Candy Day Box everyday is a Candy Day! Fazer Candy Day is a small curated box full of best candies and chocolates that only Fazer can offer. I...