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These Fazer candy boxes make life taste a little bit sweeter! Delivered from Finland with love. Order, unbox and enjoy!

Fazer Store Essentials Box - Fazer Candy Store

Fazer Store Essentials Box

All the Fazer Store essentials in one box: Finnish Oululainen organic rye bread, Domino Original classic filled biscuits, Finland's beloved Karl Fazer milk chocolate, Fazer Alku rye instant porridg...

Fazer Novelty Box Summer 2020 - Fazer Candy Store

Fazer Novelty Box Summer 2020

Fazer's summer 2020 candy and chocolate novelties are here! Every candy fan's dream is to have the chance to explore new flavors and novelties before anyone else. Now you can! Try out Fazer's Novel...

Biscuit Spring Box - Fazer Candy Store

Biscuit Spring Box

Biscuit spring is here! Fazer's Biscuit Spring Box brings you 1 kg of Fazer's novelty biscuits in a handy box, to enjoy with coffee or on a break. The box is an ideal treat for yourself or for shar...


Fazer Brainhow Box

Add power to your day! The Fazer Brainhow breakfast and snack pack will provide you with healthy ‘brainfood’ for four weeks. The pack includes a recipe booklet filled with recipes and tips for brai...


Fazer Party Box

Fazer Store proudly presents our candy connoisseur's hand picked selection of Fazer sweets!The box containts 10 delicious candy bags, perfect combination for a party. All vegan. The box contains: ...


Fazer Brunch Box

The Fazer Brunch Box includes all the wonderful things we make from Finnish oats: delicious porridge, healthy cereal, irresistible muesli, soft oat liquorice and traditional oat biscuits. The conte...

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Fazer Chocolate Bars postal box

  All Stars brought together! Fazer's beloved chocolate bar classics, some of which go all the way back to the 1910s, now sold together in one box! If you haven't tried all of them, now is your cha...


Pätkis Box

Here comes the "Shawty" - Pätkis in Finnish - most loved mint truffle chocolate since 1978! This box includes Pätkis chocolate bars in every shape and size available. If you put these shorties toge...


Karl Fazer Box

Karl Fazer chocolate, also known as Fazer Blue, is part of the Finnish cultural heritage. The iconic Fazer's milk chocolate first appeared in 1922 in its famous blue wrapper symbolising the pure Fi...