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These delicious Fazer gift boxes make life taste a little bit sweeter. These exclusive boxes can only be found in our Fazer Store. Order, unbox and enjoy! Delivered from Finland with love.

Check out the versatile selection of Fazer Christmas boxes and order your favorite! From Fazer XL Xmas Box you can find a large selection of Fazer's seasonal chocolate tablets and pralines to increase the magical Christmas atmosphere. The box is big enough for the whole family.

Fazer Novelty Box Winter 2023 - Fazer Store

Fazer Novelty Box Winter 2023

The Fazer Novelty Box contains all of Fazer’s most intriguing new sweets of winter 2023. You can find delicious sweets from the Fazer novelty box, such as chocolate tablets, candy bags, and fruit ...

Fazer Christmas snack box - Fazer Store

Fazer Christmas snack box

SOLD OUT! The Christmas snack box brings together Fazer's favorite Christmas treats!   You will find seasonal Christmas sweets in the box, such as the popular Remix X-mas candy bags, a gingerbre...

Fazer XL Xmas Box - Fazer Store

Fazer XL Xmas Box

Fazer XL Xmas box brings together many of Fazer's most famous Christmas chocolates and sweets! You will find seasonal chocolate tablets and pralines from the box to increase the magical Christmas a...

Fazer Black box - Fazer Store

Fazer Black box

Fazer black box brings together beloved Fazer salmiac and licorice sweets. The box is perfect for celebrating the darkest weeks of the year! The box contains a versatile selection of salty liquoric...

Fazer Baking box - Fazer Store

Fazer Baking box

The Fazer baking box is suitable for everyone who wants to bake delicious Fazer pastries! In the box, you will find Fazer's baking chocolates and other delicious sweets to take baking to a new lev...

Small Christmas Box - Fazer Store

Small Christmas Box

Fazer's Small Christmas box contains perfect sweets for Christmas. The sweets are also suitable for gingerbread decorating. Order now and enjoy Christmas to its fullest! 🎅 The box contains followin...

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Vegan Box

Fazer's new vegan box contains delicious vegan sweets. The versatile box has options for every taste: vegan-friendly chocolate, candy bags, and Salmiak. Order as a gift for yourself or surprise a f...


Snack Box

Add power to your day with healthy snacks! Fazer snack pack powered by Brainhow will provide you with a selection of healthy ‘brain food snacks. Its carefully selected products contain everything y...


Candy Day Box

Candy Day Box contains a diverse selection of Fazer's delicious vegan candy bags! The box has something for every candy taste: soft Tutti Frutti fruit candies, fiery Tyrkisk Peber candies, sour Tut...


Moomin briefcase

The Moomin briefcase is a lovely gift for a little hero! The case and its delicious contents feature the beloved Moomin characters. The blue briefcase is made of sturdy cardboard and features a liv...


Dumle Gift Box

Dumle friend's favorite candy box brings together beloved Dumle chocolates! This Dumle box contains both familiar treats over the years and summer 2022 novelties. Buy it as a gift for a Dumle fan o...


Super Salmiakki Salmiak Box

Fazer Store Super Salmiakki Salmiak Box is a nice little surprise that can be sent directly to a friend's home. In the box, you will find a delicious salted licorice candy bag, the most handsome he...