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These delicious Fazer gift boxes make life taste a little bit sweeter. These exclusive boxes can only be found in our Fazer Store. Order, unbox and enjoy! Delivered from Finland with love.

Fazer Novelty Box Winter 2024 - Fazer Store

Fazer Novelty Box Winter 2024

The Winter 2024 novelty box brings together the most exciting winter treats! The box is an incredible package and includes everything good, such as the new Remix Mini bags in a mini size, new Kisme...

Fazer XL Xmas Box - Fazer Store

Fazer XL Xmas Box

Fazer XL Xmas box combines many of Fazer's most famous Christmas chocolates and sweets! The highly coveted gift box from last Christmas is back with new and exciting content to enhance the festive...

Karl Fazer x Iittala box - Fazer Store

Karl Fazer x Iittala box

Karl Fazer x Iittala box makes a meaningful gift combining two iconic Finnish brands. Fazer's delicious chocolate pralines and Iittala's iconic Aalto bowl create a gift combining the love for Finni...


Karl Fazer Box

Karl Fazer chocolate, also known as Fazer Blue, is part of the Finnish cultural heritage. The iconic Fazer's milk chocolate first appeared in 1922 in its famous blue wrapper symbolizing the pure Fi...

€49.50 Temporarily sold out Temporarily sold out

Favourites from Finland box

The Finnish favourites box is a wonderful gift full of the most beloved Finnish sweets and more! A perfect gift for someone who loves Finland, to give to a friend abroad or someone who wants to go ...


Classics Box

Fazer Classin box brings together Fazer's all-time favorite candy and chocolate products! The box contains the following sweets: 1 x Karl Fazer Milk Chocolate 200 g 1 x Marianne peppermint candies...

Fazer x LUMENE Oat box - Fazer Store

Fazer x LUMENE Oat box

Fazer x LUMENE Oats box contains carefully selected Fazer products and Lumene cosmetics, which all use Finnish oats and oat xylitol in their production. The box is the perfect package for relaxati...


Fazer Black box

Fazer black box brings together beloved Fazer salmiac and licorice sweets. The box is perfect for celebrating the darkest weeks of the year! The box contains a versatile selection of salty liquori...


Small Christmas Box

Fazer's Small Christmas box contains delicious chocolate products. The sweets are also suitable for pastry decorating. Order now and enjoy Christmas to its fullest! 🎅 The box contains the following...

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Karl Fazer chocolate tablets 8-pack 180-200g - Fazer Store

Karl Fazer chocolate tablets 8-pack 180-200g

Karl Fazer 8-pack 180-200 g contains eight beloved Karl Fazer chocolate tablets in a beautiful gift box. Karl Fazer 8-pack contains the following chocolate tablets: 1 x Karl Fazer Milk Chocolate 2...


Fazer Chocolate Bars postal box

All Stars brought together! Fazer's beloved chocolate bar classics, some of which go back to the 1910s, now sold together in one box! If you haven't tried all of them, now is your chance. Is your f...

Fazer Breakfast box - Fazer Store

Fazer Breakfast box

Start your day with something delicious From Fazer Store! From this colourful Fazer Breakfast box, you can find Fazer's breakfast and snack novelties, classics and future classics.  The box is a be...


Fazer Crunchy Bars Postal Box

Popular Fazer Crunchy bars are available in their own box! The crunchy, chocolate-covered exterior hides a mouth-watering filling. The Crunchy bars have enchanted chocolate lovers in Finland and sh...


Moomin briefcase

The Moomin briefcase is a lovely gift for a little hero! The case and its delicious contents feature the beloved Moomin characters. The blue briefcase is made of sturdy cardboard and features a liv...


Pastilles Box

The Pastilles Box is a delicious selection of favourites both familiar and new. The package contains nine boxes of different pastilles. The small box fits perfectly through a mailbox, making it the...


Candy Day Box

Candy Day Box contains a diverse selection of Fazer's delicious vegan candy bags! The box has something for every candy taste: soft Tutti Frutti fruit candies, fiery Tyrkisk Peber candies, sour Tut...


Fazer Coffee Box Dark

Fazer Coffee Box Dark combines mouth-watering chocolates and dark roast coffee for a perfect coffee break! What would be more relaxing than a coffee break with your favourite chocolates and rich...


Duo Fazer Chocolate Bars Box

All Stars brought together in double! Fazer's beloved chocolate bar novelties and classics, some of which go all the way back to the 1910s, are now sold together in one box! If you haven't tried a...


Fazer Coffee Box Light

Sold out. More coming during week 48. Fazer Coffee Box Light combines mouth-watering chocolates and Light roast coffee for a perfect coffee break! What would be more relaxing than a coffee break...

€22.00 Temporarily sold out Temporarily sold out

Geisha x LUMENE box

The Geisha x LUMENE box combines beloved Geisha chocolates and popular Lumene cosmetics! The box full of Geisha chocolates and Lumene cosmetics is perfect for relaxing! The box is an ideal gift fo...

€37.00 Temporarily sold out Temporarily sold out

Fazer Christmas Box

SOLD OUT. Fazer Christmas Box contains Fazer’s most interesting sweets for Christmas! In the Fazer Christmas box, all the most-wanted sweets and biscuits of the Christmas season can be found in one...

Fazer Xmas novelties 2023

SOLD OUT. The awaited Fazer novelties for Christmas 2023 are finally here! Order all of the Fazer Christmas 2023 novelties at once and taste all the new Christmas flavours for only 29,90 euros. Pre...

Fazer Chocolate House box

SOLD OUT. From Fazer Chocolate House box you can find everything you need to build and decorate a wonderful chocolate house!  Try something new this year instead of building and decorating the year...

Fazer Novelty Box Autumn 2023

SOLD OUT. You can find delicious sweets from the Fazer novelty box, such as the new Karl Fazer chocolate tablet, Remix candy bags, and delicious chocolate bars. Order the Fazer novelty box now and ...