Fazer Moomin

Fazer Moomin fruit sweets 80 g

A suitably small bag of fruity, soft Moomin candies that’s the perfect size. A mix of four fruity flavours. The bag is illustrated with Little My and Moomintroll exploring.

Moomin xylitol 20g fruitpastilles

Moomin fruit drops will take you on a trip to Moomin Valley. You can take this compact box with you anywhere, and it will surely conquer the sweet tooth of all Moomin fans!

Moomin Blueberry-raspberry liquorice 20g

Moomin filled liquorice will take you on a trip to Moomin Valley. The soft liquorice reveals sweet forest tastes: blueberry and raspberry. Excellent for lovers of liquorice, young or old!

Moomin lollipop 8g

The Moomin lollipop is a favourite of both young and older sweet lovers. The favourite sweet of Moomin Valley is available in three fruity flavours.

Xylimax Moomin Raspberry & Fruit chewing gum 100 g

Raspberry-fruit chewing gum – what could be sweeter! This cheerful Moomin package includes several refreshing flavours of chewing gum whose secrets are surely included in Grandma Moomin’s recipe bo...