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Julia Chocolate Pralines 3 kg

The velvety elegance of the chocolates will charm you and your guests. Julia, an exquisite combin...

€49.90 €16.63/kg

Salmiakki Mix Lollipop 9 g

This hard trio combines the flavours of three different salty liquorice sweets. Fazer Salmiakki l...

€32.00 / 150 pcs €23.70/kg

Moomin lollipop 8 g

Moomin lollipops are a classic treat and a lot of fun. These heart-shaped lollipops come in three...

€25.00 / 150 pcs €20.83/kg
Tyrkisk Peber lollipop 9g - Fazer Store

Tyrkisk Peber lollipop 9g

Summer Sale -40% off. Best before 2.9.2925. The familiar fiery salty liquorice delight in lollipo...

Regular price €32.00 €19.20 / 150 pcs €14.22/kg

Tutti Frutti Original 800 g

Tutti Frutti brings the fun! Tutti Frutti Original is a cheerful assortment of fruity flavors: ra...

€7.10 €8.88/kg

Ässä Mix 800 g

Ässä Mix or Missä X? An all-time favourite of Finns, Ässä Mix combines the best in fruit flavours...

€7.10 €8.88/kg

Remix Mad Fruit Mix 750 g

Remix is the most diverse bag of sweets on the market and the king of the candy shelf. Remix Mad...

€7.10 €9.47/kg