Geisha 270 g box

Get your loved ones together and take a moment to marvel at how beautiful life is. Geisha chocolates contain a delicious hazelnut filling. Geisha pralines is also an ideal gift for celebration!

€5.65 €20.93/kg

Geisha Heart Shaped Box 225 g

Please note, that the Geisha box has 5 different visuals: Geisha, Love you, Thank you, With love OR With hugs. The visual cannot be chosen when ordering online. Give yourself a present; give yourse...

€8.10 €36.00/kg
Geisha Caramel & Sea Salt 270g

Geisha Caramel & Sea Salt 270g

Geisha milk chocolate wrapped around hazelnut nougat filling with salted caramel crunch. A soft yet crispy filling is waiting beneath the milk chocolate coating of the delicious Geisha pralines. Al...

Regular price €4.50 €3.60 €13.33/kg
Fazer Store Essentials Box

Fazer Store Essentials Box

All the Fazer Store essentials in one box: Finnish Oululainen Dark Crispbread, Domino Original classic filled biscuits, Finland's beloved Karl Fazer milk chocolate, Fazer Alku Harvest instant porri...

Regular price €16.00 €14.40

Geisha chocolates in tinbox 158 g

This beautiful heart-shaped tin makes for an elegant gift of good taste. Geisha milk chocolate wrapped around a hazelnut nougat filling. The luxuriously thick milk chocolate coating complements the...

€15.65 €99.05/kg

Geisha Crunchy 50 g

Geisha milk chocolate wrapped around two different hazelnut nougat fillings and crunchy rice crisps. The pack contains two pieces. All Fazer’s delicious chocolates are made from 100% responsibly pr...

€29.00 / 20 pcs €29.00/kg