Big Xylitol packages

Order chewing gum and pastilles for the whole family from Fazer store!

Order domestically produced full-xylitol products from us in larger packages that last longer. The Xylimax family packs provide the whole family with enough xylitol pastilles and xylitol gum. You can conveniently fill smaller, portable containers from the bag. This saves plastic, and nature thanks you.

The domestic Fazer Xylimax product range suits everyone who cares about oral health. Fazer's xylitol chewing gums and lozenges are made with Finnish expertise. That's why the Fazer Xylimax products bear the Finnish Key Flag symbol, representing Finnish craftsmanship. All Xylimax products are sweetened exclusively with xylitol.

Here's how xylitol supports dental health:

  • It inhibits the activity of the caries bacteria that cause tooth decay and reduces their presence in the mouth.
  • It increases saliva production, effectively rinsing the mouth.
  • It reduces the adhesion of plaque, the bacterial layer, to the tooth surface and facilitates cleaning by brushing.
  • During an acid attack, caries bacteria in the mouth produce acids from sugars and other carbohydrates, which dissolve tooth enamel and cause decay.
  • Teeth can withstand approximately five acid attacks from food intake daily; even a single snack can cause an acid attack.
  • Xylitol products do not replace thorough tooth brushing.

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