Karl Fazer Green Jellies milk chocolate tablet 200g

Finland’s best-loved chocolate, whose unique and mellow taste has been guaranteed ever since its launch in 1922 by using only the very best ingredients. Made from fresh milk, this milk chocolate cl...

€3.20 €16.00/kg

Fasupala Banana yoghurt 215g

Fasupala is Finland’s favourite chocolate waffle. Fasupala Banana youghurt brings together melt-in-the-mouth Fazer chocolate and the delicious taste of Banana yoghurt – a combination to make your m...

€3.30 €15.35/kg

Remix Liquorice Filled mix 240g

Are you a liquorice fan or a lover of fruit flavours? With a combination of great flavours, Remix has something for everyone. Remix Liquorice Filled mix is a varied mixed candy bag with delicious f...

€2.70 €11.25/kg

Jaffa Milk chocolate Strawberry 150g

Jaffa Milk Chocolate Strawberry is a a light, soft sponge base topped with strawberry jam and delicious milk chocolate. Jaffa Milk Chocolate Strawberry brings you the taste of summer even in the mi...

€2.60 €17.33/kg

Karl Fazer Crunchy Black Edition 55g

Finland’s best-loved chocolate ever since its launch in 1922. Its unique and mellow taste is guaranteed by using only the very best ingredients. Karl Fazer Crunchy Black Edition is a delicious comb...

€30.50 / 20 pcs €27.73/kg

Fazer Lakritsi Chocolate Tutti Frutti 135g

A perfect combination of crunchy Tutti Frutti flavoured crust, generous layer of finest Fazer milk chocolate with a soft liquorice center inside. The perfect candy for all liquorice lovers.

€2.90 €21.48/kg

Fazer Salmiakki stick 20g

Delicious salmiac tasting candy stick that is perfect for a small snack or treat. Made with natural colors and gelatin-free.

€9.30 / 30 pcs €15.50/kg

Fazer Salmiakki Cola Ginger sugar free pastille 40g

Fazer Salmiakki - a classic that needs no introduction! Fazer Salmiakki pastilles have an exciting combination of Cola and Ginger flavour and genuine salty liquorice. These sugar-free salty liquori...

€23.10 / 20 pcs €28.88/kg