Cinnamon bun biscuit 270 g

Fazer Cinnamon bun biscuit really tastes like cinnamon bun. Cinnamon bun biscuit is baked without...

€2.90 €10.74/kg

Geisha granola 375 g

The beloved taste of Fazer Geisha combined with oat granola. Crispy toasted whole grain oats and ...

€7.20 €19.20/kg
Remix Arctic +choco candy bag 300g - Fazer Store

Remix Arctic +choco candy bag 300g

Summer Sale -40%. Best before 10.8.2024 Remix is the most diverse bag of sweets on the market and...

Regular price €3.40 €2.05 €6.83/kg

Omar Choco Bites bag 120g

Sold in Fazer Novelty Box Autumn 2023 XL and in a normal-sized Autumn novelty box. Omar is a soft...