The history of Fazer’s confectionery and its traditions have their origins in 19th century Europe. Fazer is Finland's leading confectionery company and  its products are produced in four factories located in Finland. The high quality of these products is guaranteed by employing only the best ingredients, excellent recipes, world-class manufacturing processes and skilled personnel. Sugar confectioneries include, for example, sweets, liquorice products, marmalade and pastilles.

Fazer Salmiakki pastilles 40g

Fazer Salmiakki – a classic that needs no introduction! The original, authentic Finnish salty liq...

€26.00 / 20 pcs €32.50/kg

Pihlaja 220 g

Also known as Fox candy, the fruity Pihlaja marmalade is Fazer’s longest-selling product. The sof...

€3.90 €17.73/kg

London Drops 175 g

Lontoo Rae (‘London drops’) is an old favourite of liquorice lovers since 1957. Under the crunchy...

€3.60 €20.57/kg

Fazer Makea Moka 300 g

Fazer Makea Moka 300 g – Fazer Store's waste bag! The price-taste ratio of the inexpensive waste ...

€2.50 €8.33/kg

Salmiakki Mix Lollipop 9 g

This hard trio combines the flavours of three different salty liquorice sweets. Fazer Salmiakki l...

€32.00 / 150 pcs €23.70/kg
Tyrkisk Peber lollipop 9g - Fazer Store

Tyrkisk Peber lollipop 9g

Sale -40% off. Best before 2.9.2925. The familiar fiery salty liquorice delight in lollipop form ...

Regular price €32.00 €19.20 / 150 pcs €14.22/kg

Tyrkisk Peber liquorice 20 g

The traditional Tyrkisk Peber as a liquorice stick! Tyrkisk Peber liquorice is a combination of s...

€10.00 / 30 pcs €16.67/kg

Fazer Lakritsi Choco 20 g

Soft filled Fazer liquorice stick. A rich chocolate liquorice where Fazer dark chocolate has been...

€10.00 / 30 pcs €16.67/kg

Fazer Lakritsi Lemon 20 g

Soft filled Fazer liquorice stick. A classic lemon filled liquorice whose fresh taste comes from ...

€10.00 / 30 pcs €16.67/kg
Marianne 120 g original bag - Fazer Store EN

Marianne 120 g original bag

Sale -20%. Best before 22.1.2025. Marianne candy - fresh and crispy peppermint and delicious dark...

Regular price €2.00 €1.60 €13.33/kg

Fazer Green Jellies 500g

The Fazer Green Jellies are the prettiest pearls of every feast. The luxurious sweet taste of the...

€6.95 €13.90/kg

Moomin lollipop 8 g

Moomin lollipops are a classic treat and a lot of fun. These heart-shaped lollipops come in three...

€25.00 / 150 pcs €20.83/kg

Remix 350 g

Finland's most bought bag of sweets! A mixture of salty liquorice, fruit and sour flavours. Also ...

€3.40 €9.71/kg

Tutti Frutti Rings 180 g

Tutti Frutti brings the fun! Three delicious fruity flavors in one bag: Tutti Frutti Rings brings...

€2.40 €13.33/kg