Fazer's Christmas novelties and classics

The most wonderful time of the year is coming! 🎅 Fazer's Christmas candies, chocolates, cookies and sweets are perfect for Christmas parties and a sweet addition to the Christmas table! Taste the Christmas sweets in advance and find your favourites before the season begins!

Among Fazer's Xmas novelties, you can discover Christmas chocolates, sweets and cookies. The Fazer candy calendar is a versatile mix of candy shelf favourites, from fruit candies to candy bars, to surprise and delight candy lovers every December until Christmas Eve.
Domino Gingerbread 175 g - Fazer Store

Domino Gingerbread 175 g

Sale -40%. Best before 3.9.2024. Domino has remained Finland’s best-loved biscuit ever since its ...

Regular price €2.90 €1.75 €10.00/kg

Pätkis 320 g chocolates

Despite its small size, Pätkis has been a firm favourite in Finland since 1978. This popular choc...

€5.90 €18.44/kg

Fazermint chocolates 270 g

Fazermint is an elegant and timeless mint chocolate. The luxurious, melt-in-the-mouth dark chocol...

€5.95 €22.04/kg

London Drops 175 g

Lontoo Rae (‘London drops’) is an old favourite of liquorice lovers since 1957. Under the crunchy...

€3.60 €20.57/kg

Avec pastilles 175g

The history of the mint-flavored Avec chocolate pastilles stretches as far back as 1929. Also kno...

€3.60 €20.57/kg

Julia Chocolate Pralines 3 kg

The velvety elegance of the chocolates will charm you and your guests. Julia, an exquisite combin...

€49.90 €16.63/kg

American dragee 175g

American Pastilles are a beloved chocolate classic with a crispy coating and rich milk chocolate ...

€3.60 €20.57/kg
Karl Fazer Handmade pralines 8 pcs - Fazer Store

Karl Fazer Handmade pralines 8 pcs

SALE -50% Best before 6.8.2024 Karl Fazer Handmade pralines box of hand-made confectionery is an ...

Regular price €19.90 €9.95 €110.56/kg

Karl Fazer Heart 225g

Finland’s most-loved chocolate since 1922. Its unique, smooth taste is guaranteed by using only t...

€7.95 €35.33/kg

Geisha Heart Shaped Box 225 g

Please note, that the Geisha box has 5 different visuals: Geisha, Love you, Thank you, With love ...

€9.50 €42.22/kg
Geisha chocolates in tinbox 158 g - Fazer Store

Geisha chocolates in tinbox 158 g

Sale -35%. Best before 18.11.2024 This beautiful heart-shaped tin makes for an elegant gift of go...

Regular price €12.50 €8.15 €51.58/kg

Geisha 270 g box

Get your loved ones together and take a moment to marvel at how beautiful life is. Geisha chocola...

€5.95 €22.04/kg

Fazer Green Jellies 500g

The Fazer Green Jellies are the prettiest pearls of every feast. The luxurious sweet taste of the...

€6.95 €13.90/kg