Dumle brings out the twinkle in your eyes. The goofy sweet is a combination of soft chewy toffee and smooth Fazer Chocolate. The fun twisted fudge sweet is always there to bring you positive energy and boost your creativity. These classic, toffee-filled milk chocolates are guaranteed to put you and your friends in a good mood!

Dumle backpack

Dumle is a joyful classic that will never grow up! This backpack holds everything you need for yo...

Dumle lollipop 90 x 10 g - Fazer Store

Dumle lollipop 90 x 10 g

Summer Sale -50% off. Best before 26.10.2024. Dumle is a tasteful classic of delicious toffee and...

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Dumle Brownies

Easy and delicious step-by-step Dumle Brownies recipe with toffee and chocolate icing!