Black Friday at Fazer Store

Fazer Store’s Black Friday offers are available here. We offer a great selection of Fazer Store’s special boxes at great prices! The prices already include the discounts, so all you have to do is add the goodies you want to your shopping cart. The Black Friday offers are valid from 21 November to 29 November 2021 or until stocks last.  


Karl Fazer Lion notebook EUR 2,94 - 70% off
Fazer 130th Anniversary Box EUR 30,00 - 35% off 

See our updated offers from below, pick your favourite and order home-delivered.

Now that you’re here, why not save yourself some effort and buy your Christmas sweets here as well! Fazer’s classic and new Christmas products are available here.

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Fazer Chocolate Hut Box

Fazer Chocolate Hut Box

Gingerbread houses are so last century, but what about a chocolate doll’s house or hut? We put together a box set with construction materials and instructions for making a chocolate hut or doll’s h...

Regular price €35.00 €21.00

Geisha 270 g box

Get your loved ones together and take a moment to marvel at how beautiful life is. Geisha chocolates contain a delicious hazelnut filling. Geisha pralines is also an ideal gift for celebration!

€5.65 €20.93/kg
Dumle Liquorice 220 g Wicked Edition - Fazer Store EN

Dumle Liquorice 220 g Wicked Edition

These classic, toffee-filled milk chocolates are guaranteed to put you and your friends in a great mood! Dumle Liquorice candies are also available in a separate bag. Dumle Liquorice 220 g Wicked e...

Regular price €3.20 €2.24 €10.18/kg
Fazer 130 Anniversary mug

Fazer 130 Anniversary mug

Fazer’s 130th anniversary jubilee year mug is a unique design by Pentik, especially manufactured for Fazer in Pentik ceramics factory in Posio, Finland. The bottom is marked with a jubilee year sta...

Regular price €25.00 €16.25
Fazer Chocolate House Vegan Friendly

Fazer Chocolate House Vegan Friendly

We compiled a chocolate house box set that is sure to inspire everyone! You can use the Fazer Pure Dark chocolate tablets to make walls for the house, and the sweets in the box are perfect for deco...

Regular price €25.00 €15.00

froosh mango & orange 150 ml

meet alphonso, the rolls-royce of mangos and the secret weapon to our best-seller. in fruit we trust.

€1.60 €10.26/kg

Suffeli Mini Crispy Snacks 170g

Suffeli, the classic Finnish chocolate wafer, was created in 1966. Beneath the chocolate coating of Suffeli Mini Crispy Snacks you will find delightfully delicious and crunchy small puffed wheat. B...

€3.20 €18.82/kg
Jaffa Julia 300 g

Jaffa Julia 300 g

Two classics come together in Jaffa Julia cakes – the classic Jaffa cake and a fruit-flavoured jelly filling from the Julia chocolate. Best of all, they are made with 100% responsibly produced coco...

Regular price €3.05 €2.13 €7.10/kg

Jim filled chocolate bar 14 g

The Jim chocolate bar has charmed people since 1958. This familiar treat is a combination of dark chocolate and fruity whipped filling.

€33.00 / 70 pcs €33.67/kg
Fazer Novelty Box Winter 2022

Fazer Novelty Box Winter 2022

The Fazer novelty box contains all Fazer’s most interesting new sweets of winter 2022. The box has enough treats for the whole family. The Fazer Novelty Box also makes a great gift idea.  Please no...