You can find a versatile selection of gluten-free candies, cookies, and other sweets from the Fazer Store!

Gluten-free candies

Fiery Tyskiks Peber candies are the favorite gluten-free candies of all time! You can also find other gluten-free sweets, such as beloved Green Jellies and Finlandia marmalades.

Gluten-free candy bags

You can find gluten-free candy bags from Fazer Store, such as Pihlaja marmalades and Marianne candies.

Other gluten-free sweets and products

Fazer Store selection also provides gluten-free cookies, gluten-free pastilles, and gluten-free baking products. From the selection, you can find gluten-free pizza flour and gluten-free porridge.


Fazer Gluten-free box - Fazer Store

Fazer Gluten-free box

Fazer gluten-free box brings together gluten-free candies, sweets, and gluten-free products for baking! Fazer's gluten-free box contains a versatile selection of Fazer's gluten-free products and, ...