Fazer Lakritsi Mint 20 g

Soft Fazer filled liquorice stick in refreshing mint flavour. Gelatine-free product.

€8.50 / 30 pieces €14.17/kg
Taste of Finland XL Box - Fazer Candy Store

Taste of Finland XL Box

Supreme, gorgeous, beautiful box full of Fazer chocolate and candies, now available on Fazer Candy Store. This box will make any Finn abroad, as well as their fellows who's never been to Finland, r...


Fazer Lakritsi Soft Caramel 150 g

Fazer Lakritsi is a new and unbelievably soft Finnish liquorice. Its delicious taste comes from Fazer's traditional recipe from 1928. Soft Caramel is a sweeter liquorice with a toffee flavour that ...

€1.79 €11.93/kg
Fazer Oat Liquorice 20 g - Fazer Candy Store

Fazer Oat Liquorice 20 g

A soft and delicious Fazer liquorice stick made with 100% Finnish oats. A rich and natural liquorice flavour! Also suitable for vegans.

€9.90 / 30 pieces €16.50/kg