Fazer Moomin

Looking for the perfect gift for Moomin fans? Fazer Moomin collection features a range of Moomin chocolates and candies, perfect for any occasion.

Choose from our selection of Moomin biscuits, chocolate bars, or candy bags, all made with the finest ingredients and featuring your favorite Moomin characters. Our collection also includes limited edition Moomin tins and briefcases, which make the perfect keepsake long after the chocolates have been enjoyed.

Visit our website to explore our full Moomin Box collection and order today. Plus, enjoy free shipping on orders over 45€ in Finland and in EU countries for orders over 60€. With Fazer's Moomin boxes, you'll delight any Moomin fan and create unforgettable memories.

Fazer Moomin Milk chocolate tablet 68g

Sold in Moomin Spring box. Fazer’s cooperation with Moomin’s creator Tove Jansson dates back to the 1950’s. The first Fazer Moomin candies were launched in 1957; since then, the range has grown. Mo...

Fazer Moomin Chocolate Biscuits 175g - Fazer Store

Fazer Moomin Chocolate Biscuits 175g

Delicious Moomin chocolate biscuits are a treat the whole family can share. These soft-flavoured, Finnish-made, chocolate biscuits feature favourite Moomin characters. Fun Moomin chocolate biscuits...

€3.50 €20.00/kg

Xylimax Moomin Pear pastilles 90 g

Sold in Moomin Spring box. Finnish-made Xylimax Moomin full-xylitol pastilles are firm favourites for families with children. The gentle, fruity taste of Moomin pear pastilles brings to mind the Mo...